Empires of the Mediterranean


Trojan horse: Lynda & Ross, Judy & Tim, Pat, Chuck, Deb & Don, Elaine, Jim


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Viking: "Set sail for the age of antiquity. Join us on a cruise through the Eastern Mediterranean, where the historic Adriatic and Aegean Seas lead to the stunning shores of Croatia, Greece and Turkey. On board and on shore, you’ll savor the cultural treasures of this fabled region with enriching activities, regional cuisine and unforgettable excursions to ancient outpost. Your journey to the medieval cities and coastal gems his book ended by iconic Venice and Istanbul. And throughout, the intimate size of your ship lets you explore sea routes less traveled."

Ten of us savored this journey into sites of fable and myth and stunning culture and setting. The first voyage of the Viking Sea fulfilled every expectation, and more, with easy departure and arrival, service par excellence, and a balance of causal living and the edges of luxury.

            Eight of us, knowing the bookends would be short-shrifted, added two and three days to the cruise, adding layers of discovery and experience in Istanbul and Venice.


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Three Days of Venice


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