Day 10, Venice plus three days: As Viking often does, 
the ship pulls into port in the wee hours, and flights 
from the airport leave in the morning, leaving no time to explore. 
We would have seen Venice from the window of the transfer vehicle,
 perhaps a water taxi, or perhaps from the airplane’s window.
            However, realizing this from past trips, 
we made arrangements to stay three extra days, 
and what a wonderful way to finish a visit.
We did employ the services of a private guide for two hours, a personable connection between a native Venetian and our interests.
St Mark’s Square, of course, is the photogenic part of the city, 
with its famous Dogeʹs Palace and St. Markʹs Basilica.
However, we would like to nominate more places, probably 
more interesting places. Take a walk, get “lost,” and wander 
over bridge and canal, turns at unlikely angles. The Grand Canal 
at night. Accademia, Jewish Ghetto, and more.
Throw in Murano, Burano, and Torcello. And be sure 
to add local restaurants. And the shops. We thought 
we knew Venice before we arrived but there is so much more.


canal scenes off the bigger canals, leading past doorways, under bridges, the water an opalescent jade at times

serenade and accordian on the canal Rialto Bridge over Grand Canal, under repair across Grand Canal and bay from St Mark's

St Mark's Square: Don, Campanile; the clock tower; Tim acting as guide; last, a view from an evening ride on Grand Canal

Fenice, the Opera House Torcello, Venice's beginning the colorful houses of Burano

Doge's Palace on St. Mark's: another magnificent entry, another magnificent ceiling, entry to prison

still usable public water

street scenes: the gondola makers; Don, Tim, Judy on any street; scenic end on canal; airing one's laundry
a Venetian specialty - masks fresh market good day for a wedding - Grand Canal
Ciao, Venezia

y grazie

a decorative door our hotel in Venice ornamentation