.Although the purpose of a trip is to see places and sites, an inescapable wild card was our anticipation of sharing it with friends with like minds. Each of us brought something to the trip,
shared our individual perspectives, and complemented our individual adventures. We shared and laughed and commiserated, adding another chapter to friendships of a few years or several decades.

The 8 (minus the Carrs) near Blue Mosque

Did we just buy Turkish carpets?


This bubble of friendship, as comforting as it is, also acts as a barrier to making time
to visit other people. In short, we accept that reality, with a small twinge of regret.

ne group of people we do see, probably for the only few hours of our lives,
are the guides who lead the excursions. We are again highly pleased with the quality of guides
who Viking employs. And our group of eight (minus Carrs) appreciates
the quality job Umit did for guiding us two days in Istanbul.

Another group we encounter are the people
who make our lives more comfortable -
service of foods, cleaning of rooms, providers of information, etc.

at Ephesus (minus the Adamses)

. .aaaaa a x .

Deb helping Punto's carpet weaver tie a double knot

Viking staff welcoming excursioners with Champagne

.. .. .. .

Our favorite waiter, Marvin

Istanbul guide, Umit Room service, Krypton and Mohammed

Schiavon (Murano) glass blower

Athens, Greece students on field trip

Burano lace-maker, a dying breed

. .
Dubrovnik guide Christiana & winery daughter

Karaman family at Malvasija wine-tasting

Nikos, guide of Santorini's Secret Wine Trail

. .

Boris, head of wait staff

does Chuck have lens envy?

Viette, passionate Kotor guide