.Cruise Days 7-9, Kotor, Montenegro; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Pula, Istria, Croatia
Kotorís approach received the largest
 morning crowed packed into
the Explorerís Deck. Steep Montenegrin
 hills comprise the fjord that leads inward,
 and then inward even more,
to the ancient Venetian walled city.
Another UNESCO site, Kotor impresses
 with its beauty of water and mountain.
The unique Our Lady of the Rocks
lay on the itinerary of two of our groups.
 We marveled at a city that none of us
 seemed aware of before this trip.
a different language in Kotor dramatic trail lighting display at departure
sidewalk service from Viking into Kotor view from our balcony into Kotor St Tryphon, illustrious history, interior
a close-up of trail from photo above Perast, home of Baroque homes entry gate into Kotor

Dubrovnik and its preserved city wall
 shimmers with its red roofs
in the Adriatic Sea. Its pedestrian main street,
 compact size, historic structures,
as well as its role in the
1990s Yugoslav War impressed us all.
Later in the day, an excursion
to a small family winery highlighted
the joy of sharing the local businesses.

stunning red roof vista, powerful wall Dubrovnik's Main Street, before crowd

Dubrovnik street views: tall, craggy hills rise rapidly; one of two gates enter the wall; a narrow side street leading to center

defensive spot from wall Dubrovnik: Game of Thrones setting street music

Pula captured our attention with a Roman amphitheater in plain view upon leaving our tender.
Pula is home to another UNESCO site, the Euphrasian Basilica.
While five took the walking tour, three of us took the Porec visit, along with a tour of an Istrian winery.

Views of Pula's Roman Amphitheater: from water's approach; inside the 20,000+ seat structure; heading for the underground tour
ancient map, Istria in center guide Ratko showing us Porec Porec's Byzantine Euphrasian Basilica