Cruise along the Rhine this morning, 
arriving just after breakfast in Cologne. 
Disembark for your walking tour of this gem of the Rhine. 
Stroll through Old Town past St. Martin’s Church 
and spend some time inside Cologne’sDom
a remarkable Gothic cathedral. 
The rest of your day is free to explore the 
dockside taverns, cafés and shops.

Two Meter Peter (see People) led an excellent tour for an hour -
Christmas markets, museums, sites to see, general cultural info


Dom Cathedral - more than the eye, and camera, can accurately capture


a busy Sunday Cathedral schedule, with tourists

looking up through another couple feet of spire

Tim & Jim by the large bell that rarely clangs


an elaborate timepiece to marvel at

a gossamer veil on Dom Cathedral

three dates of construction


Bladur moored, left-upper-center; view from 600 steps up Cathedral

a discovered Roman mosaic, around which a museum is built


a Kolsch brauhaus, the first of our Beer Culture stops

another of our four Kolsch tours

go to Day 7-8

coasters from each of our four Kolsch tour stops