Day 6 marked only the second day of sailing during daylight, again in the morning, with time to visit the captain' wheelhouse and later to listen to a lecture about Dutch culture, especially the role of cheese. A short walk from our mooring site, Kinderdijk, a UNESCO site, easily could have consumed a full day. Early in the evening, we set sail.
          The following morning, alarms were set for just before 5, allowing us to move our luggage into the hallway for transport to the airport. We consumed one last Viking meal, a light breakfast for the six of us, with Pat and Jim (leaving later) joining us, and we pierced the dark morning at 6 a.m. We boarded the bus and saw all of Amsterdam we were going to see on this trip (and why there are no pictures of the trip's end point).


one of many picturesque vistas


entrance sign giving layout of Kinderdijk windmills

modern pump station (thus, replacing much of the windmills' work)


one of the large wooden turn wheels

words have not enough power


as life might have looked when mill was occupied

domestic scene

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