"This morning, sail along the most scenic stretch of the Rhine, 
where castles overlook the river from their hilltop locations. 
This part of the Middle Rhine Valley is so beautiful 
that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Midmorning, disembark for a tour of 700-year-old Marksburg Castle
 and its museum. Return to your ship for lunch and a short cruise to 
Koblenz, where you disembark and enjoy some time in this charming town
 at the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine Rivers." (VRC)

And we would add that a just-lifting fog 
gave the mid-Rhine an ethereal aura
 (some would have said gray and clammy). 
     And Koblenz should not be deemed unphotogenic; 
darkness may explain the dearth of worthy photos.  


old, and older, combine for a classic, and typical, Mid-Rhine photo

another classic town, with vineyards in background a church whose sole entrance is from the attached pub in front

vineyards mooching any square half-acre they can find

lettering IDing a well-known vineyard (the entire slope)


close to Lorelei and her legend

more vineyards on more steep slopes

one more reason for the legendary Rhine

Marksburg Castle on the way by on the river Marksburg Castle on the way back by bus

guarded entry to Marksburg

ready for defense, although never needed

central tower, in case of siege


a comforting sideroom, and wonderful vista


more defense


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from the Room of Torture museum - a stomach tester