"Wake up in Mannheim and disembark for a tour to Heidelberg to see Germany’s oldest university, founded in 1386.
Then visit the beautiful sandstone ruins of imposing Heidelberg Castle,
and take in the scenery of the Neckar River Valley and
the city’s many red rooftops from its hilltop location. Continue with a walking tour through the Old Town to Heidelberg’s renowned gates. 
Return to your ship for afternoon cruising.
Arrive in Rüdesheim in the early evening.
Spend free time in the pedestrian-only  Drosselgasse and sample a glass of locally produced wine at one of the restaurants or wine bars—dine aboard or stay in town if you prefer..." (VRC)

A high commendation for Evelyn, our guide (see People page)


from the interior courtyard

a foggy view of Heidelberg & Neckar River from the Castle


markers for the synogogue destroyed in Nazi era

"Rub the disk and you will come back to Heidelberg"; at town entrance

3-D effect nativity in Catholic Church

town center


Rudesheim Christmas Market, an evening stroll from ship


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