Carrie Ingalls Diary - 1886-1893, 1914-1951

Carrie Spalding, wife of Trum Ingalls, kept a diary starting with her marriage year in 1886 and ending a few weeks before death in 1951. The diaries passed on to her youngest daughter Leona. In my fifth year as Town Historian, I was looking for a worthy local history project. Leona and I agreed I would borrow one annual diary, transcribe it, and return it for the next installment. I would return 46 times, asking her questions I had before heading home, transcribing a half-hour a day, finally finishing the entire set in just over four years. At key junctions, usually the end of a decade, I would summarize what I had read
and learned, with an audience of the Greenville Local History Group members in mind.
Those summaries are offered below. I hope they give an insight to Greenville area life,
the challenges of a local family, and the joys and travails of everyday life.
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Diary 1886-1893 Summary (7 pg)

Truman and Carrie (Spalding) Ingalls,
with children, starting with tallest, clockwise:
Warren, Carrie, Ransom, Stanley, Elgirtha,
Leona, Dorothy, Ruth, and Clarence.

Diary 1913-1920 Summary (17 pg)

An early mill on Cheese Hill,
high up over Preston Hollow.
Moving site to site was later replaced
with a fixed site - GNH in Norton Hill.

Diary 1920-1929 Summary (38 pg)

One of Greenville's earliest teamsters,
Stanley Ingalls, delivers goods
to nearby markets with his new trucking.

Diary 1930-1939 Summary (53 pgs)

The Ingalls Clan celebrates the 50th Anniversary of
Trum and Carrie Ingalls in late 1935.
This photo was printed in the January 5, 1936
Knickerbocker News (Albany),
as well as the GLHG 2021 calendar.

Diary 1940-1951 Summary (25 pg)

A 1949 photo of Carrie and her surviving children:
back row: Elgirtha, Ruth, Carrie, Leona;
front row: Stanley, Carrie, Clarence.
Deceased are Trum and
three children: Dorothy, Ransom, and Warren.

Vitals & People Mentioned - 1920-1951 (12 pg)

A personal recognition
from Don Teator to Leona Rundell.
For five years, for 46 times,
Leona graciously hosted me for an hour,
answering my questions and filling in information.
I can still feel the glow.
(which Leona photo to use: young, as here,
or older as most of us remember her?)

Carrie's Descendants - from Diary only

On a very irregular schedule, photos of family will change,
depending on my whim or good lobbying!
This photo shows 17 year old driver Walter Ingalls
in 1947 with his cross-country trip companions -
Uncle Merritt and Auntie Ruth Elliott,
mother Eleanor and dad Stanley.

Ingalls Reunion - from Diary only

A pre-modern era Ingalls Reunion
took place in 1884
at the Lorenzo Hunt residence in Norton Hill
(today’s Elliot house,
next to the Methodist Church)