Stanton-Brown Farm House
xx Old Plank Rd, Norton Hill
Cora Brown
currently, private residence


from 1945 brochure
Mrs. Cora Brown, 25 guests

from Arlene Brown (2011)
first called Mountain View Boarding House
next: Balsam Shade Retreat
then: Stanton-Brown

from Edna Adams - Claribel Gardiner (1976)
Mrs. Frances Stanton, widowed with two young children (Omar and Cora) to care for, started taking boarders in 1901...
       The farm was first called Balsam Shade Retreat for the great balsam trees in front. Later, it became know as the Stanton-Brown Farm. Cora and Frank added on to the original house in 1938, and also purchased the annex on the corner. They could accommodate 20-30 people and many of their boarders were more like family, returning each year for as many as 30-40 years. Vernon Haskins wrote of this boarding house and its people in one of his columns.
       Four sons grew up on this farm: Stanton, Warren and Ralph Winnie, and Leland Brown. Just this year (1976) Leland and his family are moving to the farm to carry on the name and heritage.

the Annex - nw corner of Old Plank & Carter Bridge

Lee, and boarders, getting in hay, 1950s

the "rules"