Spohler's Elm Grove (Fursatz's)
xxx Red Mill Rd, Greenville
Anton & Mary Fursatz 1921-1955
Anna (Fursatz) & Fred G. Spohler 1955-1973
Fred & Carol Spohler 1973-1983
Grace Manor xx
Higher Ground Christian Center xx
currently, resort

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--from Edna Ingalls Adams' 1983 article 
The Fursatz-Spohler family has owned the present resort since 1931. Like most of the others, it started out as a farm taking a few guests. Carol and Fred Spohler took over the management in 1974. They have added improvements every year to strive to keep the small country-type Inn atmosphere. This site can be traced back to the days of Noah Shaw who purchased it from the Provost Patent, in the early 19th century. It is on Red Mill Road.

Fursatz's, c1930


--from 2012 Greenville Local History Calendar
Anton (Tony) and Mary Fursatz opened Fursatz’s Elm Grove in 1921, first as a farm and then a boarding house. After Mary and Tony retired, their daughter Anna, who had married Fred G. Spohler (The Spohlers had operated a boarding house in Acra), took control in 1955. With help from their son Fred, daughter-in-law Carol, and family, the resort continued operating. Fred and Carol assumed control of Elm Grove in 1973 until its closure in 1983 after 62 years. Located on Red Mill Rd, near the corner with East Red Mill Rd (also known locally as Shaw Mill Rd), this establishment has since operated as Grace Manor and Higher Ground Christian Center, exemplifying the role that religious organizations have had in operating several former resorts

Fursatz's, c1940


--from October 2010 Greenville Local History Group Newsletter

--the original resort was run by Anton and Mary Fursatz, opened in 1921; called Fursatz Elm Grove
--original Spohler resort in Acra, ‘merged’ with Fursatz, and was renamed Spohler’s Elm Grove
--Anton’s daughter Anne, married Fred Spohler, took over from her parents in 1955, Fred died 1967, and was helped by Fred (son) & Carol
--Fred (son) left IBM to take over resort in 1973, operated it with Carol until 1983 when it was sold
--Carol started working in the main office in 1957
--both Fursatzes died in 1969
--original farm had 110 acres


Spohler's Elm Grove, aerial, c1978

(Newsletter, continued; more details)
--in ‘old’ days, chambermaids worked seven days a week, as did waitresses
--preparing the swimming pool was quite an undesirable job

--Fred & Carol added rooms in Winter House for residence, kept own house in South Cairo at same time
--entertainment – music, bingo, horse racing, weenie roasts
--a set menu for each day of week (…if it is Wednesday lunch, then…)