Pine Springs
xxx CR 67, Freehold
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currently, private residence

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--from Edna Ingalls Adams' 1983 article

Like so many others, the Cravata brothers, William and Roger, came up from the City looking for a farm because someone has suggested that they “should go to the country.”  They found a farm east of Freehold at the corner of country roads Nos. 67 in 41.  They bought the 79 acres in 1929 and with the help of the previous owner began to farm.  (They sold eggs at 12 cents a dozen and milk for four cents a quart.)  But right from the start they “took boarders.”  Soon they converted a barn into a casino and had the first one in the area.  William entertained the guests -- imitations of Jimmy Durante, etc. -- and “enjoyed himself.”  In the early days they sold beer for 50 cents a pitcher.  During Prohibition William made his own beer.  The brothers spent the winters in Florida and in Miami contacted a fine Chinese cook who came up to Pine Springs, every summer, and cooked for them.  Roger Cravata was the businessman of the partnership.  When they sold the restore in 1957, they were accommodating as many as 190 people.  Michael Garzilli, the present owner, can now take as many as 300 at one time.