Pine Lake Manor
xx Rt 26, Greenville
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currently, one of Greenville few surviving resorts

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-from Edna Ingalls Adams' 1983 article

This resort has been in the Schermer family since Nicholas and Lydia Schermer came from Germany in 1924.  In the earliest days it was on the Coxsackie Turnpike and in 1839 there was a tavern and hotel on the site of the Main house.  Nearby there was a toll gate.  Nicholas came up to the country to look for land and found this old place east of Greenville on Route 26.  There was a lovely lake on the property and they named their place Willow Rest Farm. When their son Reinhold started to manage the resort in 1949, they changed the name to Pine Lake Manor.  Reinhold and Jo Schermer's daughter, Joanne, married Thomas Baumann, son of Wilbur and Thelma Baumann, and they are the present owners of this resort.