Mirror View Farm
xxx SR 81, Greenville
dates - to be determined
Jerry & Ada Rundell
currently, site of Borwegan Trucking

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earliest house (courtesy Melinda Mullen)

closed in porch, year unknown (courtesy Melinda Mullen)


most recent photo, date unknown (courtesy Melinda Mullen)

--from Melinda Mullen - September 2013

The first photo is a post card.  This was what it looked like in the early years.  My mom does not remember the house with an open porch.
          The second photo  is a post card what the house looked like after the porch update.
          In the 1800's, the original house burned down before it was owned by Jerry and Ada Rundell, This was owned by the Dalamaters (Ada's mother was Julia Delamater). William Delamater sold a piece of the farm to Jerry, ....   It again burned down in the early 1960's ... and the house that is there today was built.  For the years I lived on the farm the foundation to the barn behind the house was there. The fire started in the barn and burned both the barn and house down.
          The third photo is an air shot of the farm.  I am trying to find the one I have of the farm after the new house was built. The one I lived in.