Bear's Farm House
xxx CR 75, Norton Hill
Mrs. Floyd Bear
1930s-early 1950s
house demolished in 1990s, some outbuildings exist

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-- from Mrs. Gail Banker (granddaughter of May Bear)

“My grandmother’s boarding house had 15 room – they ate in her dining room on a ‘Turner table.’ Then in later years she made 3 individual units when they did their own cooking. The bungalow had living room, kitchen & 3 bedrooms. The 2 story house had (upstairs) kitchen, living & dining room area, 3 bedrooms, and downstairs had kitchen, 1 large bedroom-sitting area and 3 bedrooms.

 She was always full from Memorial Day thru Columbus Day….”

* 3 rooms of bungalow are still standing. We moved the 2 story house, but is still the same outside. The original house on postcard was taken down in 1990-91 …”