2012/2013 GCS After School Enrichment: Local History -- Town Park


        “Although not in command of a large income, Augustine Prevost did contribute both to the new community’s educational and religious needs. Early after his arrival he had given land for the construction of a village church and for a library”…
-- Out to Greenville and Beyond, Raymond Beecher, 1997, pg 64


…”He sold his lands in sections to suit purchasers, built roads for the accommodation of the settlers, and donated largely of religious and school purposes, among others the beautiful plot of land now occupied by the Presbyterian church and academy, in Greenville village”…
--History of Greene County , J. B. Beers, 1884. pg 298



What makes a good gift a good gift?

What is one of the best gifts you ever received? Why?
What is one of the best gifts you have ever given? Why?
What kind of gift could a person(s) give a town (or state, or country)?