The great wild card. 
Who, if anyone, will mesh with our tastes and habits? 
Who will add meaning to our adventure? 
Who shows excellence in doing their job? 
Who evinces this adventure is more than a check-off list? 
and more to anticipate. 
The answer: so many people, again.


We Six - Dennis & Christine, Deb & Don, Ann, Hazel

7B group at the Nazi fields


Dennis & Christine, Don & Deb

Deb, in Buda

Dennis & Don, in the Wachau vineyards


Conrad, excellent Passau guide

Ute, excellent Regensburg guide


Sabine, excellent Nuremberg guide

Carla & Cruz, favorite waitstaff

Barry, Program Director


Kati, excellent Kelheim guide

Deb, sketching views from Idun (see ship)


the Empress

"Sam" caught Deb's eye