A full day awaited us.
We left on the early shift to the Abbey,
a sumptuous feast for the eyes and brain.
As lunch was served, the ship departed,
weaving its way through the scenic
vineyard-laden Wachau Valley
before docking in Vienna where we enjoyed
a Mozart/Strauss concert at the Hofburg Palace.
Deb's scrapbook awaits.

the Melk Abbey, on the highest point in town


.the grand ballroom, with optical illusion flat ceiling

view of Melk below Abbey


entry to Abbey

the grand relic of the Abbey

minor metalwork


.Abbey Church

tea room in Garden

insect nests


closest to cycling Don saw

grand mix of river town and hills of vineyards


town names

storybook vistas


life of ease

hills, and valleys beyond, of vineyards


the scenic, the historic, and the oenologic

Hofburg Winter Palace (tiny part)


waiting for Strauss & Mozart orchestra

a small detail in the wealth of opulence

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