A 10 o'clock docking brought us into the sunlit Passau,
with a morning tour of the town and
a midday pipe organ concert at St. Stephen's.
Afternoon found Dennis, Christine, Deb and Don wandering
the pedestrian streets before returning to an Austrian dinner night.
 Idun lifted anchors during dinner
and we watched
the late-afternoon-sun-drenched river bank views
until dusky darkness swallowed the outside world.

a spectacular entry into Passau


the joining of three rivers, stick points to our docking

Conrad leading our pack; high water mark on tower


St. Stephen's looming tall

inside St. Stephen's

2013 the 2nd worst flood in 600 years


Viking umbrellas for the only shower the whole trip

imposing views on the hills


classic old town street

marked royalty

a narrow street, flooded in 2013


late afternoon sun on north bank town as Idun sails during dinner on Day 4