We had arrived early enough the first day to tour the city center ourselves, before catching the regular tour the following day with Sabine. Nazi reminders - the ruins of Zeppelin Fields, the Nazi parade grounds of the 1930s, the Palace of Justice, the site of the Nuremberg Trials - all send a chill across the scalp.
     The old city wall, the Imperial Castle, and Old Town awaited until ship's departure during lunch along the southern remainder of the Main Canal. A sun deck, or covered glass deck, view of the  river banks and neighboring towns captured our attention as did the operation of the several locks on our way to Regensburg.

WWII destruction of Nuremberg


view from Imperial Castle

entry into Imperial Castle


Church of Our Lady

Church, after bombing

Beautiful Fountain


market day

more market day

comfortable street scene


the Liebesinsel, running through city center

adornment on bridge


attractive wall adornment

entry into park

famous resident


     ---exterior wall engraving


arch statuary

city streetscape

more statuary

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