Buildings of renown, quaint town centers, long views of the river, 
the hustle and bustle of a cruise ship, the figuring of schedules in unfamiliar territory 
can absorb most of our attention most times. 
Upon reflection, or in a still moment, 
one sees an object, or a face, or an architectural detail, 
or some piece that piques curiosity. 
There are bound to be dozens, or hundreds, of such happenstances 
on a journey like ours, and here are a few of the ones 
that caught my eye as recorded by one of our several cameras.

windmill fan through a upper story window


fits a gigantic foot in Kinderdijk

Noah's Ark - once a fantasy, now a tourist stop

carving in Heidelberg - boys memorialized


allowed in Alsace

decoratively practical at Marksburg


Marksburg crock (thinking of Kriss)

chastity belt, heaven forbid!

Marksburg door


another Marksburg gem

human size cuckoo clock door - Black Forest

defender of Heidelberg Castle

fine metalwork in Heidelberg a meal in Strasbourg jetties to narrow the river, to speed the flow

attached toilet, look out below

Heidelberg Don Quixote looking for windmills

Koln mother and child of Roman times


Colmar's Hansi, tormentor of Nazis (pig)

unusual faithful companion

white dots - goats cleaning mid-Rhine scrub brush