"Ahead of you lies an exciting journey
on one of Europe's most important and historic waterways--
the venerable Rhine River. Rising in Switzerland,
it flows along the border of France,
through the historic heart of Germany and
into Holland where it empties in the North sea.
It is such a might river that its major tributaries--
the Moselle, Saar, Main, and Neckar--
are themselves important waterways
providing access to even more of Europe's treasures." (VRC)

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Baldur, moored at Koblenz (small bottom windows? us)

nighttime, at Koblenz


Aquavit Lounge (open lounge - see below)

upper inside deck (lounge behind wall), leading down to lobby, restaurant


outside deck, front of boat: here, passing a Netherlands riverbank town

the upper deck, a bit chilly in a 40 degree, foggy day; Lynda and walking lap


our comfortable room; window almost at river level (see right)

water two feet below window; a rare shot of Basel


the wheelhouse

BowCam (watching passage through lock was educational the first time)

       Service on Viking Baldur was excellent,
       and we especially enjoyed the personality and efforts of our evening waiter
       whose quick and dry wit skewered us more than once, to our delight.

Zoltan from Transylvania