Todi, Umbria
our home base for nights 1-6

classic hilltop town, view from supermarcato EMI

.Todi was our first love.
          We had departed Malpensa, viewed the farming-industrial countryside leading to Bologna, started over and through the Apennines and its tunnels, skirted eastward to Perugia and turned south. Five kilometers away, we espied a hilltop where greenery gave way to tan and brown, and we both gasped and cheered that it had to be Todi.

Casa il Pero lay only yards away from the walls of Todi, and we plunged down a steep driveway to our home. Manager Guido was our first contact, and one of many personable ones we met. The town wall lay two stone throws away, and the olive trees and views across the valley made the rental feel like countryside.

three of us, with Guido, property manager

bathroom window view of Todi


view from bedroom


Deb at kitchen table

approaching Auto Grille midway to Bolgona from Milan


views of Todi's streets

Memories: shopping at the supermercato EMI 
would prove to be the most convenient shopping we had all trip; 
early morning birds chirping outside our windows; 
the steep climb up the 18% grade from Ponterio (where the EMI was) to Todi; 
of course, the cobble and stone narrow streets

town hall piazza

no cars allowed!


first lunch, off the street

bell tower

worn door


cathedral and steps

a comfortable rooftop breakfast nook

box vault funicular to town's crest

a tough bike climb, or watch out for deer on the descent

artichokes - as big as bowling balls