The Piemonte (Piedmont) occupies most the northwest corner of Italy, just north of the coast-hugging Liguria, and stretching to the Swiss border. In fact, our next stay, Stresa, is also in Piemonte.

            We stayed three nights in Treiso (almost under the A in Alba on the map) at an agriturismo—a working farm (vineyard, in this case) which is subsidized by the government to take tourists in order to preserve the long held traditions of an area.

            Agriturismo Il Bricco endeared itself to us for being the most personable stay on our trip. Matriarch Olga, speaking limited English, greeted us as best she could and, in turn, greeted back and took instructions the best we could.



Treiso - under the A of Alba


Later, we would meet daughters Serene (and her third generation daughter) and Alicia, both of whom helped their parents running the operations. We chatted and asked questions of Serene, of local life and weather and vineyards, over breakfast each morning and during the one dinner we ordered at Il Bricco.

             The views are spectacular, Il Bricco has a local winery produce their wine from the grapes grown at Il Bricco, and the driving among the hills was as, if not more, spectacular than Umbria and Tuscany. We had the good fortune of picking lodging that complemented the experience of Italy. (Look up You Tube, and then Il Bricco, and there is a representative video from Hotelz.)


Agriturismo Il Bricco


our bedroom view of vineyards on the east

Tim pondering our view of vineyards to the west


our sunny and classy dining room of four tables

our view down the road to the north


famed places: the entry into the Barolo wine museum; over the wall in Barbaresco; the tower of Barbaresco

Martina, from Moccagatta, leading an excellent tour and tasting

cyclists who conquered LaMorra's long hill


big views from LaMorra

LaMorra church interior

good use of space in Neive


perhaps all the chimneys heat the same house?

Alba's specialty - truffles


a Sunday morning in Neive, with several hundred parishioners soon to be let out; an eye-catching wine glass in Alba