Zack's Place, Hensonville - June 2023

Just shy of Windham, a Karnes pick led up to the corner of the Brooksburg Rd and SR 296, site of the former Frog’s House, now Zack’s Place in Hensonville.

Parking is on the street, and we hoped for a quiet night, which it was on this Wednesday, as promised by the telephone voice at Zack’s (no reservations taken).

A step inside led to a small lobby and then into a bright and clean forty foot right angle bar, well lit with windows on the south and west sides. Just beyond this bar were ten dining tables, ample enough, I guess, but I also suspected the bar business was the major business income.

Food is classic bar menu with a few almost-leading-to-fine-dining choices.

Appetizers included: Wings, chicken fingers, coconut shrimp, mozzarella sticks, fried cheese ravioli, fried zucchini sticks, onion rings, French fries, crispy tortilla chips with salsa, and hummus (hummus?).

Salads: Caesar, Caprese, Greek, spring mix bonanza, just greens, and any of these could be topped with chicken breast, strip steak, or grilled shrimp

Entrées: Ribeye steak, strip steak, grilled pork chops, BBQ pork back ribs, salmon, grilled shrimp.

Entrée Specials of the evening: fish-n-chips and shrimp and chips

Burger people are happy: Beef, pizza, chili, Greek, western, Zack’s (cheddar & coleslaw topping), turkey, veggie  and even a grilled chicken cutlet to round out the list.

For our table: four tried the shrimp-n-chips and to a person each thought it was mediocre. Other choices: chicken breast sandwich, ribs, pork chop, salmon.

Drinks were mostly beer but soda and wine rounded out the list.

Service by Jennae was good enough. Both she and the bartender (Zack?) checked on our satisfaction on the way out and were grateful for our business.

The bill per couple, including tax and tip, fell mostly in the $50-$75 range, although two full entrées and an extra drink could have pushed that number higher.

And once again, done rarely but memorably, DP8 rekindled an old favorite. When ZP’s dessert selection attracted no one, the suggestion of driving three miles to Carvel’s in Windham, by the theater, was promptly chased down and the dessert mandate was fulfilled.

#237 was in the books, and we arranged for a Teator pick in July, and a Notar pick in August – a gathering of all DP8ers at their house for summer picnic.

Conversation was a catch-up on our news – most of it the usual flow of monthly details. Kriss and Ken were back from their eastern Europe trip with the Adamses, very dry weather, the Teator wildflower garden and non-invited guests, backyard swimming pools (two in the group), Deb K’s work at closings and horse farm, church events, welfare of neighbors, doings of children and the Monteverd grandchildren, a Teator trip to a “in-laws” family reunion in Danby VT, feral cats, dancing does and new fawns, early garden results, the 4th of July party, school doings, health insurance, Deb K’s hair, Kriss’ email about Lyme (and quick recovery hopes), the movie house in Windham, and a raft of other stuff that makes up our lives.