Yanni’s Too – July 2017 (dt)
6.81 – 7.6, 7.5, 7.25, 7.2, 7, 7, 7, 6.7, 6.5, 6, 6, 6

Yanni’s Too lured us for the third consecutive summer date.
            And like last year’s review, I will adopt an older review structure. (too much happening with twelve for my synapses)

            Yanni’s menu is a familiar one. Besides the calamari done six ways, diners can choose from two dozen starters of seafood, nachos, fries, wings, pizza logs; two soups; five salads, with six enhancements; a dozen sandwiches; six burgers; entrées offering fried seafood, half-dozen baked and broiled seafood, a dozen other house specials, and six pastas, with fifteen desserts finishing off the evening. There had to be something we liked.
            Some of our entrées included: seafood Cobb salad, Captain’s seafood basket, Super-food salad, shrimp basket, fish & chips, sea scallops and gnocchi, sesame tuna, broiled seafood platter, coconut crusted mahi-mahi, combined with a few side salads, and a couple appetizers. I think I heard the food was average to good, with a couple comments of excellent, all in the expected range for a comfortable spot on the Hudson.
            The bill per couple totaled $100 on the nose.

Seeing 12 of the DP8 family. One of life’s gifts is to keep in touch with friends, especially over food.
Big menu, lots of choices. Food deliver at same time, and hot.
A covered deck, with overhead fans, helped keep the heat at bay. Would have kept the forecast showers off us, if they had materialized.
The view of the river and Schodack Park island is classic summer.
A reasonable draft beer selection grabbed most of us.
Service from Heather (GCS grad) was good for a busy night.
Barb D’Elia joined us!
A few enjoyed the guitar man.
Life is good.

Last minute cancellation meant not seeing the Quinns.
A busy night at YT sorta excused a long wait for first drinks and for entrées.
Twelve means a long table, and not enough chances to catch up with everyone. sigh
One side of six sees the river in the reflection from the windows.
A few thought otherwise of the guitar man.
Pricing per couple has gone, in consecutive years, from 72 to 85 to 100.

Enjoy summer!