Yanni’s Too – August 2016 (dt)
6.22 – 7, 6.9, 6.5, 6.5, 6.5, 6.5, 6.25, 6, 6, 6, 5.5, 5

The last of our three Summer 2016 destinations found twelve of us in Coeymans at Yanni’s Too, a site DP8 visited exactly a year ago. 
Yanni’s menu is a familiar one, with a wide-ranging, casual-river smorgasbord awaiting. Besides its star, calamari done six ways, diners can choose from two dozen starters of seafood, nachos, fries, wings, pizza logs; two soups; five salads, with six enhancements; a dozen sandwiches; six burgers; entrées offering fried seafood, half-dozen baked and broiled seafood, half dozen other house specials, and six pastas, with fifteen desserts finishing off the evening.
          I must admit to sensory overload. Twelve was more than my brain could keep track of; the music, although entertaining, made it difficult to hear; and two sides of six meant I talked to five other people for the evening. Instead of doing a “half-fast” job of detailing our food choices, I note that I heard the food was acceptable to good, with a couple comments of excellent, about what we expect for a summer mecca on the Hudson.
          Eighty-five dollars a couple paid the bill, and homeward we went.
          With that, I will retreat to an earlier format started by Deb K.


  • Seeing all of the DP8 family (could be 15)
  • Of course, the scenery from Yanni’s deck is classic summer. The setting sun’s shadow clambered up the hills across the river, while the lights on a gigundous ship at the Coeyman’s Port dared our eyes to estimate its size.
  • And the weather, although in the upper-80s most of the day, felt comfortable in the shade of the deck roof and in the dampness of a warm evening that so represents summer.
  • A full moon played hide-and-seek in the tree tops across the Hudson, until it fully revealed itself.
  • A couple dozen small to not-so-small boats had us dreaming about enjoying water.
  • Beer selection was pleasing with almost ten on tap and another ten by bottle.
  • Most of us enjoyed the guitar player, as evidenced by the competitive hand-clapping started by someone(s) at our table!
  • Service by Charlotte was largely competent. (see note below)


  • Service was as good as could be. Charlotte was busy handling too many other tables.
  • The delivery of appetizers, salads, and soup at the same time was too much.
  • There were too many stories I wanted to hear from others at the table. A night of twelve with time only at the table is not conducive for that.
  • The night’s special was Prime Rib. At our arrival at 7 pm, it was no longer available. Argh.
  • Should have made time for dessert but it was already two hours at decision time. Entrées arrived at the 85 minute mark.
  • I could start listing the topics of discussion I heard but with deference to the other half of the table whose pearls of wisdom I could not hear, I will not start. I would have enjoyed listening to the Quinns about their Paris trip.
  • Although the final bill was within our normal range, a few thought pricing for entrées and salads a little high.

Happy End of Summer! Let’s enjoy the last fragments!