Vince Anna's #4 – May 2022
A comfortable evening found us looking across the pond from Vince Anna’s dining area. Our fourth visit here, a Monteverd selection, is consistent in regards to menu, service, and ambiance of past visits and thus the reader will be spared. Feel free to look back.

VA is exercising a reservations only policy, trying to make sure the waitstaff of the evening can handle the load. I think the table appreciated this.

And on the way out, we were told by owner Jimmy Eufemia that VA holds the longest continuously liquor license in Albany County.

The bill per couple ranged from $80 for two couples and about $120 for the other two.

Topics: lots of catch-up even though we had caught up for a few months absence the month before. The Notar trip to Sicily and southern Italy was a highlight, with a recounting of highlights of sites and food and travel. Covid was the other one, with Deb K just getting past the worst of her encounter with it, and then Deb T was absent with jitters about an upcoming (two days away) two week Viking Ocean Cruise. Covid had already caused a cancellation of the cruise for Lynda.

            Other topics: the upcoming Teator cruise; the amount of work the snowbirds needed to get house and grounds in shape (non-snowbirds have it no easier but start earlier); Kriss’s time with friends in NYC; Deb K’s Sweeter Side and business lulls; more closings, of course; the remodeling of the house across the street from the Teators; big sales and changes of properties in the area, several involving resorts; health issues close-by; art show in Greenville; grandkids, of course; the early season state of the Notar and Monteverd pools; horses and Ravine Farm; gardens; staffing at Vince Anna’s; spring weather; Texas & Buffalo shootings; and more that has eluded my keyboard.