Summer 2011
August @ Teator (dt)

Summer #9 gathered Dinner Party of Eight to the Teators this early August. The covered deck—with a view of the mountains filtered by an hour of light-to-medium rain, the intensity of which was drumrolled by the tatting on the metal roof—hosted the appetizer course.

·   a twelve-inch, roasted Vidalia onion tart, accompanied by shredded ‘eight ball’ zucchini (from the Karnes’ garden), infused with smoked gruyere, topped with roasted red peppers and parmesan cheese
·   shrimp hush puppies, sided with a bowl of Vidalia onion dip
·   small chip bowls, waiting to be filled with a dip comprised of black beans, tomatillos, green and red pepper, lime juice and fresh cilantro

Thank you, the Karneses and Adamses, for an appetizer round that would have ‘done proud’ any restaurant we have visited. Each appetizer was distinctive and light, fitting for a humid and overcast August late-afternoon.
          About an hour later, the scene moved into the kitchen, where Deb T had been concocting, organizing, and timing the entrée course. Gracing the table were:

·   sirloin pork chops braised in a white wine, stock, chorizo sausage, hot cherry peppers, onion and garlic mix; topped with a reduction of the finishing broth
·   pot roast that had simmered for three hours in a beef broth laden with a cremini mushroom & onion medley
·   parsnip-potato mash, gussied up with chives
·   steamed cauliflower
·   steamed snap peas
·   brown gravy distilled from the juices of the pot roast
·   corn casserole (thank you, Judy, and here’s a shoutout to Aunt Bel), one of our favorite sides
·   marble rye bread

And the dessert course, served along with our drinks, Ken’s coffee, and tea:

·   a Charlene Hull decadent banana cream pie
·   a six pack of Grandma’s rainbow-sprinkled sugar cookies
·   a Grandma’s Kitchen Dutch chocolate cream pie (thank you, the Monteverds, for an old-time favorite, and a new entry)

As the evening progressed, and evening light faded into dusk before yielding to darkness, we caved in to moaning about how much we had eaten, scanning for that one last morsel that would satiate the evening.
               The drink schedule:

·   Oriel 2005 Iconic Grand Vin De Bordeaux
·   Robibero NV Rabbits Foot
·   Burgans 2009 Albariño Rias Baixas
·   Lamberti NV Prosecco Rosé
·   Sutter Home NV White Zinfandel
·   beer, from the sampler pack

A thank you goes to the Teators, for hosting the evening, but a special note to Deb who focused on food prep, disappearing for the appetizer round so every last detail was coordinated.

Food, of course, is just an excuse to socialize with friends. We caught up on news, gossip, and personal stuff, with talk centering on activities this past month, especially trips. The Karnes family had cruised in the Mediterranean with a highlight few days in Barcelona; and Tim and Judy had spent four weeks hiking and staying in the Sierra Nevadas. Both trips provided good re-tellings of sights seen and unforgettable memories.
               Other talk included a funeral this day that had shaken the community, Ken’s announced retirement (June), Kriss’ planned retirement (June), Deb’s gardens, another report of the neighborhood black bear, Nathan’s house permit fiasco, work (for the real world people), Jen’s Saratoga house, lawn mowers, stock market blues, trying to find dp8 dates for the next two months, jackets – both long and short, and more. Not to be forgotten were Jackson (Pollack) and (Claude) Monet, the two newcomers to the Teator household.
               And thus passed another Summer DP8 dinner—the sharing of food symbolizing nine years of memories and friendship as we reconnoiter the dining adventure.