Tap House Grille – June 2022
A cloudy and cool day found the Eight heading to Windham’s Main Street (SR 23) to the former Cave Mt Brewery, now Tap House Grille and under new ownership once again.

Upon entry, our first thought was the change of interior layout, with two formerly small-ish side by side rooms now opened into one, with the bar forming a center rectangle. And the brewing area appears to be gone. The speakeasy idea still remains, we think, but was not checked out this evening.

An interesting range of culinary choices comprise a menu that is not often found in Greene County. Our orders reflect that:

  • tacos (Taco Tuesday; three tacos from four choices)
  • crispy chicken sandwich
  • sausage and pierogis
  • fish and chips
  • Japanese pork bao buns
  • grilled chicken sandwich

            Two appetizers:

  • warm asparagus and burrata salad
  • market salad, with a good variety of ingredients

            Not chosen but just to show the range:

  • tuna tataki
  • lots of sushi choices
  • soft shell crab sandwich
  • buffalo cauliflower
  • seaweed salad
  • shrimp tempura

Our drink order came from a list of a dozen drafts and another forty choices of bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass. And the list of bottles of wine piqued my interest but seemed unusually uncasual. The least expensive bottle on the menu was $45 with several bottles over $200.

Ambience was influenced by our placement by the road-front glass plate window, a very desirable placement, with lots of outside space and road traffic, along with the view of  interior business. And this placement by the entry door led to a flow of activity, perhaps desirable.

Service was steady and efficient (name of server not obtained).

Price per couple seemed to be about $50-$60 per couple, with about one drink per person and no dessert.

The group seemed satisfied enough that we would come back on our own.

Topics around the table showed its usual range:

the Notars are back from two weeks in Italy and a week in Florida; the Teators are back from a two week ocean cruise; the Karneses were just getting over a nasty two week stomach bug which was still affecting them; the upcoming Notar 4th of July party; swimming pool conditions; Charlene’s fall (everyone flinched); Kriss’s travels with friends and dining out twice this day; a cool couple days with more coming and then heat; the heat of the nation’s center; Yellowstone flooding; airports and flight experience; catching up with lawn-mowing finally; Father’s Day experiences; high school year winding down and our satisfaction of where we are; future trips; catching up with news and hearsay about the Adamses, Quinns, and Pisano & Burhouse; and other topics that escaped once I stepped out the door.