Seconds – November 2022
A benchmark dinner: Even though last month marked the end of the 20th year, this month was the 20th anniversary of our first dinner at Mill Rock in Windham. What a worthy culinary adventure this had been.

A Teator pick led the pack of seven (supposed to be eight) to Second Street, Athens, the former site of Cameo’s and Rive Gauche. DP8 visited while Cameo’s operated. And we were seven because Lynda was waiting for what would prove to be five hours at Emurgent Care in Coxsackie. sorry, Lynda!

The dining space has not drastically changed since Rive Gauche days, even though the owners have done a quality job for ambiance and seating. A raised platform of two-chair tables line the front glass windows, with the main floor holding nearly twenty tables, four of which were combined for our group.

We recognized the menu – it had to be Salah and Denise, both we have known at Freehold Country In, Friends and Family II, 394 Main, and Mountain View Brasserie. And Seconds proved a worthy mid-upper level of nice dining.

The menu skews Mediterranean.

We selected:

  • chicken schnitzel, with spätzle
  • feta mushroom lamb burger
  • goat tangine
  • a veal special, and one more.

            Other choices included Moroccan salmon, figgy piggy, penne Bolognese and several more.

            Four ordered/shared a salad: four salads are offered, with the signature Moroccan date salad; and other app choices included: lobster bisque, crabcake, shrimp cocktail, burrata & arugula, hummus, and almond crusted goat cheese.

            Server Kelsey offered a soup special, an app special, and two entrée specials.

The drink order included a bottle each for two couples, a glass of wine, a non-alcoholic beer, and a soda.

The dessert list was limited to four items but one of them, the chocolate-caramel tart, attracted Don and Ross

Service by Kelsey was proficient and attentive, made better by four of us knowing Kelsey (daughter of Denise).

Two hours from start to finish, and a bill per couple of $80-$120, with bottles of wine the major influence.

Getting to Athens is an interesting choice – the straightest path is the shortest (Schoharie Turnpike) but the path of 23 to 386 is the Google Map pick for time.

Lynda and excessive waiting at Emergent Care; reservations at EC taking precedent over walk-ins; the Teators arriving home from Egypt; Deb’s Sweeter Side looking obscenely delicious on Facebook, with all the pies, cakes, and cookies; autumn clean-up mostly done; the Monteverds back for December DP8; Buffalo snow (actually, Orchard Park, and 76 inches); the Notarnicolas leaving for FL in mid-December, Christmas shopping, a review of Thanksgiving, and other topics that have escaped my keyboard.