March 2003 - Scholz Hofbrau (new owners in summer 2004)
3.75 - 6, 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

For a Bavarian flavor, we ventured into the outskirts of Albany County on a mystery ride to Scholz Hofbrau, located on beautiful  Warners Lake.  All members were in attendance and some were not so happy that they were not privy to exactly where we were going to dine that evening (Kriss, what’s wrong with a little adventure?). Something tells me Chay and I are going to pay for this mystery trip.
   The up side – It was a lovely ride (for some of us who enjoy adventure!). Thank God, there was a bar…(just kidding), although there was no waiting to be seated so we did not have the opportunity to utilize the services of the barmaids dressed in traditional German garb.  What was that falling out of their blouses (Chay was curious too…).
   The down side – The food was just o.k., including Don’s wiener(s), although I think we all agreed it might be a fun place to come back to in the Summer when you could actually see the lake and there was a band playing.
    Now that the mystery link has been introduced, I am looking forward to next month, when Kriss says she will have her revenge…