Rip Van Winkle Brewery - Kiskatom
April 2023
A Notar pick. And I thought we had been there before. And we had, sorta, back when it was Angela’s Pizzeria and Brewery eight years ago. And the brewery part was Rip Van Winkle Brewery, according my notes. (June 2015)

The interior and ambiance is about the same. It was busy and noisy, especially on a “Burger & Beer for $17” night. A good deal for today although we old-timers are thinking about $4.95! ha

The Karneses, Teators, and Notars were joined by Mr. Quinn for the evening.

Four house salads and one Caesar started the evening and a round of mostly beer on tap was delivered. (I ordered a flight [5] and must admit I think the beer has improved considerably since the last time.)

Entrées definitely leans Italian but there is a good mix.

Orders for the evening included an eggplant parm, a chicken parm, two salmon candita, a chicken Milanese, buffalo chicken mac n cheese, and a burger.

No dessert takers, an increasingly common, albeit formerly unheard of, decision.

Part of the no dessert decision might have been the noise. We could hear each other by half-yelling and lip-reading, one of Top Ten noisiest establishments for DP8.

Our server was proficient, the restaurant is clean and exudes a family spirit. It could be one’s go-to place on an inexpensive or medium budget.

Prices generally average $20-$40 per person, depending on drinks. So, a burger and beer special set one back $20. For others, it was probably an $80 tab with tip for a couple.

Topics: Daylight is getting longer; the recent four day warm spell of 85 degrees or warmer; the bursting of blossoms and early leaves; seeing Kurt & Kathleen Spohler as we walked in; and catching up with a variable April.