Red Rooster – January 2023
A narrow but welcome window of opportunity allowed DP8 to convene in early January the day before the Monteverds left for Florida. This rare winter DP8 event, given our new quorum rules, found three cars rolling through a mild evening, mild enough to experience a thawed-out dirt driveway, at Red Rooster at the western outskirts of Cairo. (Any further and it would be east East Windham!)

And we were graced with the attendance of Den. It has been a long time since last time.

Red Rooster is classic former road-house prettified a little, with a menu to match. Offered are a dozen fried appetizers, five versions of mac-n-cheese, five healthy salads, six versions of quesadillas, six burgers, a handful-plus sandwiches and wraps, and almost ten entrées. And it was taco night.

A table order of fish & chips, two takers of the fish taco special, Buffalo chicken wrap, a mac-n-cheese, and a mountain of nacho chips was a healthier than usual order, I suspect, than most tables of seven in town this evening.

A couple appetizers, a round of draft beer and soda/water satisfied our thirsts.

No one was desirous of dessert so we passed.

Service by Carrie was certainly satisfactory.

Ambiance is framed by lights shining in the faces, with a blue cast, and fans spinning. It is a big room and we had the corner to ourselves. Thus, the noise level was good for us and we could hear everyone.

The bill per couple, everything included ranged from $35-$50

We bid the Monteverds safe travel and farewell until May.

Although not a topic of our raising, there was an event, possibly related to a funeral reception in the bar area, that drew lots of locals we knew, many of them former students. Thus, when we were spotted, we were warmly greeted with a reference to the past and a catch-up on the students’ lives.

            Other topics: Happy New Year to all; staying awake, or not, for New Year’s Eve; a mild week and a half with several days without a temp below freezing; a new grandchild in the Quinn family; looking out for deer in the dusk and early evening; Christmas celebrations – some a bit trying; Christmas celebrations – memories of years past; Deb K’s birthday; Kriss not feeling well for a week or so; Den not feeling well for even longer due to Lyme and babeosis; the Adamses posting on Facebook about their trip to Europe; any news of the Notars; Ken promising that the one person in the world who has not seen him in his underwear might have her wish fulfilled this year, or next, or the year after; the sun setting ten minutes later than at the solstice; the Pub sale falling through; the former Country Inn possible sale falling through; the Buffalo Bills player incident; birds talking in Den’s ear; a few Egypt snippets; and other topics that will stay in the Catskill Mts air.

See ya in April. or, See ya in April?