Riverfront Bar and Grill - August 2003 (dt)
4.83 - 6, 6 5.5, 5.5, 4, 2 (2 absent)

Informality was the rule again for this dinner. A sultry, don’t-move-or-you’re-drenched early evening found us on the Hudson River at the Riverfront Bar and Grill. Or, I should say, as soon as we found the RB&G – it taking a little reconnoitering to find it at a part of the Corning Preserve we usually don’t get to. Although we thought we might need reservations, Tim found a table for six at the aft section, next to the pull-up for the boaters. So, we rocked and bobbed, and sloshed our drinks (not our fault!) as diners disembarked from their boats or the larger waves lapped against our unsinkable restaurant.
    The up side - The view of the river was our goal, and we found a good one. We drooled (not from the food) as the big boats went by and we fantasized about owning, even for a night, one of the passing yachts. The food was passable, with a medium quality menu, and medium expectations. I should have written this in August because I have forgotten what our meal choices were, although I don’t remember a poor choice by any one of us. After dinner, we took a stroll down to the walkover from downtown to the river, and we gamboled through the bleacher-band stand facing the river. The city skyline changed intensity as the twilight faded into a starry late-dusk. Deb & I stayed for one set of music on the top floor lounge, the Karnes stayed longer, and the Adamses avoided a lively night scene that was fun and “interesting.” On the way home, we witnessed distant lightning, which turned out to be a five inch torrential downpour over Catskill.
    - The Monteverds did not come! Ken had an emergency call, and Kriss was cutting it tight from a trip to Vermont. And, little would we know, but this first day of August was the start of a two week miserable stretch of oppressive weather.