Rip Van Winkle Country Club #3 – October 2021
A Karnes pick headed to Palenville and the scenic golf course whose club house windows lure onlookers to scan the Catskills Escarpment. We had visited here in 2006 and again in 2018.

The menu is good ole club-house American hearty. Choices included:

  • Roast duck with ginger orange sauce (Mark)
  • Angus New York strip with sauteed onion and mushrooms (Joyce, Chay)
  • Roast pork loin with herb bread stuffing and pork ale juice (Don, Deb T)
  • Stuffed chicken parmesan over pasta ham and eggplant (Kerry)
  • Butternut squash ravioli with cranberry maple cream sauce (Julie)
  • Tri-colored tortellini rustico hot and sweet sausage with onions peppers and marinara (Deb K)

Consensus centered around average to good.

Dinners came with a sufficient greens salad.

One appetizer: Julie shared a Mac and Cheese Bites with the table.

Dessert saw two orders of Chocolate lava cake, with a dollop of ice cream, and a dollop of whipped cream. ‘Twas very good.

A couple coffees were also ordered.

Three beers, and a bottle of the house wine suffice for the libations, along with plenty of water.

The bill (split) came to $70 per couple, give or take $5, except for one $100 tab.

Our server (sorry, a rare instance of forgetting to ask name) was efficient, prompt, friendly, and a tribute to RVW.

Ambiance should be the view out of the wide bank of windows but approaching darkness allowed fifteen minutes of a dusky perspective. The eating area was expansive, with tables possibly set far enough apart for Covid concerns.

Topics around the table, and perhaps on the way there (Ks, Ts) included: news about the Quinns who capably substituted the Monteverd spots; a most unusual fall foliage season with a lot of green, not much color in the Freehold area, and lots of leaves off already; a nice start of October that was turning rainy; still thinking about that rake in the face; golf prowess or not so much; babysitting the grandchildren (only one couple eligible for that comment); a good cycling season so far; status of the Notar house in Florida; most of us vs non-vaxers, and some commentary; gardening and putting the beds to rest for the winter; vacation trips still in flux or delay; Deb T’s hair and going natural; the whereabouts of our other seven; the Notar trip to CA; the Teator trip to MA & VT; differences of states and mask mandates; earlier sunsets; setting dates for November and December; maybe a new furnace for the Teators on order; a new hot tub for Deb on order; pool closings; the Notars readying for Florida soon; wildlife in our backyards; house closings keeping Deb K busy; horse-riding in the mud; Kerry getting back to running; lack of grocery stores in Westport; Deb’s Sweeter Side and good business; and lots of other stuff.