Rip Van Winkle Country Club #2 – June 2018 (dt)
6.36 – 7.5, 7, 6.9, 6.5, 6, 6, 5.75, 5.5

The last cool day before the forecast week of 90s found the unpredictable Karneses repeating a past site: Rip Van Winkle Country Club (2006).

Although an event/reception room was present, the main action was in the clubhouse café where bar/tavern fare was also available. We gleaned the regular dinner menu with its appropriate variety as indicated by our choices:

            The Pescatora-ists graded high for their entrée while two of the three ribeyers noted a gristle beyond average. The others were satisfied.
            Three fingerling potatoes accompanied the entrées while the vegetable of the day was a slew of pea pods and slices of squash, pepper, and carrot.

Included in the meal was a choice of house garden salad or the ham & bean soup. The three soup-ers thought considerably higher than the saladistas.

A basket of thinly slice artisanal bread accompanied by a ramekin of butter had come earlier and proved satisfying enough.

Two bottles of Robert Mondavi Woodbridge 2016 Malbec had a confusing footnote about price (we knew $7.50 a bottle could not be, we were right, $27); aside from that, we were not impressed with even an inexpensive wine. A gin & tonic, a glass of white, and water filled out the drink menu.

Three chocolate bombettes (vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with a ganache shell) was served, without much enthusiastic response, and a Sambuca or two filled out the dessert order.

Service by Maria (muh-Rye-uh) was generally well received – prompt, attentive, good check-backs, while a couple thought her a bit rushed with lists of specials and desserts. No comment about Ken’s coffee could mean that all was satisfactory.

Ambiance was a clean, golf café air, open with views to several holes, lit by recessed lighting and the glow of a late summer day, bookended by a couple of tvs behind the bar, and interrupted by a stream of golfers done for the day who wanted a drink or a chat. A round table once again allowed us to see each other and read lips more easily in a noisy and echo-y room. Watching the fog roll over the lip of the Escarpment upon our arrival contrasted with the clear mountaintop when we left.

Our bill came to $108 per couple, perhaps a little higher than some of us first guessed.

And off we went to head home on one of the longest days of the year, pleased with a repeat at a place close to home and pleasant enough to do again despite a few blemishes.

We had met at the Notar driveway and immediately departed. Topics in the car rides and at the restaurant: flipping houses, house work in Bath, Nate’s truckload of garage material, grandkids, Teator trip to England, trips westward to see Mom, Rita’s service, retirement date getting closer, gullible Kriss, Ace of Clubs and an unlikely visitor (good one, Chay), golfing, Labor Day golfing, July DP8 at Notars, fawn sightings, bear sightings, forecast heatwave, photos of the Otis Railway in the entryway, divorce after 43 years, the Adams family and the memorial service this weekend, bicycling, a 500 mile bike ride, and a raft of other topics that did not surface on my brain waves.

Just for fun:
The following was the review from 2006 (written by dk)
      It looked a little ‘iffy’ at first, but the weather cleared and warmed sufficiently so that the precursor (cocktail hour at the Karnes) this month could be held outside sans Ken (working late and hoping to catch up with us at dinner). A shrimp dip and homemade salsa (from Debbie’s tomatoes) were washed down with the usual pinot grigio, merlot, beer and T & T’s.  Conversation was animated early in the evening as we discussed possible choices for a DP8 vacation next summer as we mulled over the possible house choices available. Before you knew it, it was time to be off and we were rushing off to Rip Van Winkle Country Club in Palenville.
        We arrived just in time to see the sunset, watch some golfers finish off their rounds and just enjoy the mountainous scenery outside the large windows. Not really wanting to start the dinner ritual without Ken, we ordered drinks (a carafe of the house merlot, pinot grigios and a diet coke) and a couple appetizers to hold us over – bacon wrapped scallops and a chicken quesadilla, which I can only assume were quite palatable since they seemed to disappear before our eyes. The conversation revolved around some school talk, since our teacher members “enjoyed” their first week back, while Judy shared what she did in her first real week of retirement.  Looks the whole house might get remodeled in the next year or so if Judy keeps going… (go Judy go!!!)
         When it appeared we really might not see Ken, we ordered our dinner.  If memory serves me correctly, we had 3 potato encrusted salmons, 2 bacon wrapped filet mignons, 1 shrimp/scallop concasse over linguine, and 1 special – rib eye and lobster tail ‘surf & turf’. Salads were mixed greens with our usual assorted favorite dressings served with warm Portuguese type dinner rolls. The salmon dinner was declared good, but perhaps not outstanding, Tim and Deb K enjoyed their filets thoroughly (cooked just right for us, 1 med. rare, 1 med.) Chay declared his surf & turf very good. Dinners were served with twice baked potatoes (yum, if you ask me) and a sauté mixture of green and yellow squash. Our big loser of the evening was poor Deb T who, in addition to not feeling well to begin with, got a meal that was less than acceptable, claiming that the shrimp and scallops were both overcooked and perhaps had been sitting around in the kitchen for a while.
        Desserts included a scrumptious chocolate caramel pyramid (quite tasty, although the waitress couldn’t really describe it and, after seeing and tasting it, I could understand why), a lemon mousse declared outstanding by Tim, and chocolate cherry cake.
The Down Side:
         Poor Deb T – feeling bad and bad meal. While we were enjoying a leisurely night out, as always, the service of the salads was longer than we might have liked (did they forget because we asked for bread first before the salads?).
The Up Side
        Yeah!!! Ken finally showed up in time for dessert – well, for him it was dinner (chicken wings, and yes, he said they were quite good!) with wine and coffee simultaneously to help make up for lost time, for the rest of us it was dessert. Was it about then that the “spooning” started? I don’t know when or how it started (blame my unreliable memory again) but it had definitely had something to do with ‘you know what’ – why does it always go there???
        The service was very friendly and efficient (except for the salad thing) and Tom & Deb K will definitely be back after a golf outing to enjoy the view and the food (which is how they found out about this place to begin with).