April 2003 - Reginato Ristorante
6.81 - 7.5, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 6, 6 

A warm Spring evening and a pleasant drive south brought us to the “Monteverd’s Revenge” (another surprise restaurant) Regginato Ristorante down Kingston way. The men wore their wedding rings (as they should always do, what’s that about anyway?) and the women carried their wedding albums. It seems we all had the same idea, one or two pictures just wasn’t going to cut it.  All “members” were in attendance.
   The up side – Great company, as always. I loved our waiter’s authentic Italian accent (must have been from the Little Italy part of Kingston ). Drinks and dinner were superb, as was the regaling of wedding days gone by and all the fun and not so fun associated with those days.
   The down side – I believe the Karnes may have created a monster, a mystery monster that is.  It appears we have started a trend toward future secretive destinations. The Adams are next on the list and they are sworn to secrecy as to our next dinner date.