Piccolo dal Torrente, Catskill - May 2023

A Monteverd selection led us to Catskill, to the former Tatiana’s. Although I thought we had visited Piccolo before, I now see that the former incarnation is now designated Piccolo on Water Street. So, take your pick – we have been to Piccolo before, or we have not.

The Gathering of the Eight was the first since Christmas. A very tight window of opportunity manifested itself, with this Wednesday evening being almost the only date accessible to all of us this month. Retirement has tested DP8 life tougher than the busiest times of our working eras.

When Piccolo first entered the dining community, much publicity was made of its Italian-ness and its modest pricing. Not much has changed, and now we are adding size of portions to the list.

The menu is replete with classic entrées, as well as a few variations of a theme.
  • The chicken (Francese, Marsala, Piccata, Parmigiana, as well as Alla Piccolo);
  • Pasta: eggplant parm, cheese ravioli, gnocchi, penne alla vodka, rigatoni Bolognese, lasagne, spaghetti meatballs, orecchiette, and penne alla Picolo);
  • Vitello (veal): (saltimbocca, Francese, Marsala, Piccata, Parmigiana);
  • Pesce (Zuppa, Calamari Marinara, Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp Marinara, Shrimp Francese, linguine con Vongole;
  • appetizers: (zuppa di cozze, mozzarella caprese, fried calamari, baked clams oreganata, hot & spice shrimp, arancini). Deb T wished she had seen the mussels (cozze).
  • Dessert: cheese cake, tartufo, cannoli, tiramisu

The menu is clearly Italian. And all of our selections, even the specials, were deemed excellent.

Service was very good and seamless. The noise level was up there again, near shouting level.

Entrées were generally priced in the mid-$20. Thus, an entrée each, a drink each, no dessert meant a final bill about $80 per couple, or with a bottle of wine a little over $100 per couple.

Hate to say it but with inflation and new pricing since the pandemic, $100 per couple for even a casual-nice dinner is closer to the new norm, with $125 the new $80.


lots of travel: of course the snow birds returned from Florida; the Notars – Ireland, the Teators France, the Monteverds heading to central Europe with DP8 originals Tim and Judy.
     A few other topics: closings keeping Deb K business, working at the horse farm, seeing the Baldwin family beside us, Picolo on Water Street, doings in Catskill, gardens, a couple weeks of no rain, and more.