January 2004 - Paramount
5.13 - 7.5, 6, 6, 5.5, 5, 5, 3, 3 

    A New Year and a new restaurant brought all of us together again for our jaunt over the river. Don and I thought we had it figured out, but Tim and Judy surprised us both (and almost lost the Monteverds in the process).  We headed down Warren Street in Hudson (Don and I were feeling pretty confident by this time), but only a short distance to The Paramount.
    The Up Side – Yeah!!!  While I was disappointed I had not guessed the correct restaurant, I was thrilled to be back in the company of the James Taylor look alike.  I had corn meal crusted catfish, which was truly superb.  Ken and Chay both had the jerk chicken (if I remember correctly – hey, anything’s possible) which I believe they also thought was quite scrumptious. The service and food in general was very good, although apparently, at some point during dinner, Judy almost lost her scarf... Let me see, if push came to shove, would Judy choose the dessert or the scarf???  I didn’t guess the correct restaurant, but this is an easy one...
    The Down Side – It appeared that not everyone was as thrilled with their meals as I was.  No real complaints, just no wild ravings either. 
(closed, Spring 2005)

---Notes for the future – I will have to restrict my fluid intake, because it appears that the most excitement occurs while I am in the ladies’ room. Just put yourself in my place, trying to take care of “things” and, all of the sudden, I hear this fit of noise and laughter (wonder how I knew it was our table?). And to think, it was initiated by my husband’s actions – who would have thought?