December 2002 - Palmer House
5.25 - 7.5, 6.5, 5, 5, 4.5, 3 (2 absent)

Over the river (maybe it was a creek) and through the woods to The Palmer House we go in Rensselaerville. A lovely ambiance – in the bar that is (oh, there goes the bar talk again, really it’s about the food!).  A must return for the bar menu. Sorry to miss the Monteverds this month, but their social calendar is always so hectic.
   The up side – once again, really good food and they didn’t even charge extra for all those little bugs...
    The down side – all those little bugs...  Kudos to all of us – we kept our sense of humor and picked them out as we found them and took the risk of eating one or two.

- Chef Bill Benson leaves 2007 to Crooked Lake House
- property for sale in 2007