Summer at Notars (#6) - August 2023
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The Notarnicolas hosted, for the sixth consecutive year, DP8’s summer party for all 16 of us (13 this year). Although we may tried to dance our sun dances, sunny skies were not meant to be and we convened inside, although Mark’s grill and smoke (acting like a grill this afternoon) braved the light rain and intermittent showers. Attending this summer: Joyce & Mark, Kriss & Ken & Elaine (Kriss’ sister), Deb & Chay, Deb & Don, Lynda & Ross, Julie & Kerry.


  • some tasty plates and bows


  • Muffeletta Stuffed Flank Steak
  • Bourbon Peach Chicken Breast
  • Grilled vegetables w/Penne & Pesto
  • Panzanella Salad
  • Rosemary Sourdough & Six Seed Breads

Drinks: the usual supply of wine, beer, soda; with McGregor wines leading the way


  • The Sweeter Side Summer Special this year: a three layer cake (looked like four), with a filling of fresh whipped cream, cream cheese, and broken up Oreos, topped with Oreos and ringed with a chocolate that dripped perfectly down the side.
  • a Green Acres pie – half strawberry-rhubarb, half peach
  • a few morsels from Nina’s Delicious Bites

The Notar pool is often a collection center but the gray and leaden skies attracted no one to pool-side this year. Still, inside was cheery and hearty, probably fostered by our indoor coziness.  Three, sometimes four, knots of DP8ers were centers of conversation and laughter. we chatted, kidded, teased, laughed, gossiped and otherwise enjoyed a worthy time with people we like and care for.

Thank you, Joyce and Mark, for hosting our event. Even though an indoor event means less hustling of food and goods outdoors, it is still quite an effort the two of you give us. Being August, the fading light of dusk is creeping up earlier than two months previous, and we headed our separate ways, savoring another good-for-the-soul event.