Notarnicola #4 – July 2021
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Summer 2021

DP15 at Notarnicola

It was with relief and joy that DP8 convened for Summer 2021, especially that the pandemic seems to be done.

And it was the first time in a long time that all 15 were present. In fact, the archives show that this was the first time ever done, a startling fact. In the past, post 2011, a full contingent was never reached.

Joyce and Mark had done their usual excellent job organizing who was to bring what. About the only person not cooperating was the weather forecaster. More later on that.


  • a charcuterie board

second round of appetizers

  • chicken wings


  • two growlers of Brick Alley and Outrage
  • Prosecco
  • MacGregor cabernet franc
  • xx caberntet france
  • soda




dinner topics:

In addition to the joy of gathering again--

the day’s weather (of course), a wet & humid July, getting back to almost normal, Deb K’s long hair, horseback riding, horse rollovers, real estate closings, cats & dogs, children, grandkids, summer vacations for we retired teachers, cutting grass, Regina, women’s anatomy, canceled cruises, Den’s big trip a few years ago, lots of bear stories, grizzly vs black, art trips, gardens, mowing lawns, not mowing lawns, (not a word of Trump or politics), chilly pools, Mark’s cooking skills, Joyce’s organizing, East Conesville, infirmities, pets vs traveling, progress on Notar house in Forida, Deb’s success with Sweeter Side, Ross’ medical stuff, the Adamses’ itinerary in NY, baseball, upcoming trips, possible winter visits, no chocolate for Ken, Ken’s sister, Kriss’s visits with old friends, and a bunch more wafted on the evening air.