Summer Party – at Notarnicola – July 2020 (dt)

The summer place-to-be for the DP12 all-hands-on-deck gathering found us at the Notarnicola estate, for the third consecutive year. A rain date was scheduled but the skies stayed dry for the first two hours and we endured ten minutes of spits heavy enough to possibly dampen a shirt.

Present – Joyce & Mark, Deb & Don, Deb & Chay, Kriss & Ken, complemented by Lynda & Ross and Julie & Kerry. Four absent kept it from being a full-house DP16.

Joyce had efficiently organized the-who-was-to-bring-what.


Salad: a mix of greens, cherry tomatoes, apple wedges (K&K)



Drinks were on our own: various wines, water, coffee

COVID-19 precautions translated into three long tables, with couples on the ends, ten feet apart.

The pool looked inviting but only Don wet his legs. The hot weather was not as hot as expected, with odd patterns of clouds blocking a hot sun.

The summer event is a pleasant time to catch up with everyone who has shared in the DP8 experience, made even more special given the social distancing most of us have endured since March. So, we chatted, kidded, teased, laughed, gossiped and otherwise enjoyed a worthy time with people we like and care for.

The big topic, of course, was COVID-19 and its effects and how glad we retired teachers about being retired. The day-to-day precautions vary somewhat between couples and especially within the communities we live in. In the end, we wish a healthy life for all.

Thank you, Joyce and Mark, for hosting our event. We all realize that no matter how much we pitch in, you two took care of the details and we appreciate that – tables & chairs, table settings, rain cover, etc. Fading dusk marked almost nine-thirty, a few tiny gnawers were testing our ankles, and we headed homeward.