August 2019 – Summer All-Get-Together (dt)
DP16-4 # 201

Gracious hosts Joyce & Mark hosted DP12, the second such summer meeting on Half Moon Drive – and a grateful thank you for dining done well. Absent were Judy and Tim in Wisconsin/DC, while an illness stranded Den and Barbara in Jefferson Heights. 

This year offered less-than-perfect weather conditions, a contrast to last year. In fact, a messy forecast prompted a change of dining venue – from outside to inside. There was no way of knowing we would not have been rained on.

Mark and Joyce not only efficiently coordinated the food and drink contributions but also adapted with the set-up of tables spanning two rooms. We would also occupy the kitchen and sitting area during appetizers.

Most of us rolled in by the suggested no-pool 6 pm. Available for the slaking of thirsts were a Deb K Blueberry Tequila Summer Cocktail that flowed easily; two Finger Lakes wines: a Buttonwood Chardonnay and a McGregor Cabernet Franc Reserve; a Black Pine Sonoma Pinot Noir; and a variety of soda, beer, and liquor.

Appetizers occupied the counter spaces, tempting passers-by.
--Ross & Lynda: a cheese plate with a variety of cheeses and crackers.
--Kerry & Julie: Mexican pinwheels as well as the mini Caprese skewers of cherry tomato-basil leaf-two mozzarella bulbs
--Joyce & Mark had prepared a Bruschetta Board: Roasted Red Pepper and Red Lentil Hummus, Feta & Cream Cheese Spread with fresh lemon juice, Prosciutto, Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes roasted with olive oil, rosemary and kosher salt, olive bread & sourdough arborio rice bread toasted with olive oil, carrots & celery, pita chips

We wisely, or otherwise, saved room for the entrée course.
Smoke from Mark’s front porch grill kept the bugs away, grilling the following, to be finished inside:
---Flat Iron Steak - Montreal Steak Seasoning Rub applied the night before, grilled for 20-25 minutes, served with chimichurri sauce
---Bourbon Peach Pork Tenderloin - marinated overnight in bourbon, peach jam, lime juice & olive oil, grilled for 20 minutes, served with fresh peach salsa
---Southwest Peanut Chicken Skewers - marinated overnight in peanut butter, fresh ginger, garlic, lime juice, cilantro, wine vinegar, sesame oil and red pepper flakes, grilled for 8-10 minutes (it had a sneaky bite!)
            A pause for reflection. Ummmmmm…  Is there a restaurant out there that does this this well?
Accompaniments included the Monteverd potato-egg salad, the Teator cucumber-tomato-onion salad, and the Notar pasta salad.
            Although the formality context is different, the evening’s choices ranks up there with our dinner events, even if we give ourselves a few advantages.

By 8 pm, we were ready for dessert.
---Deb K: a homemade white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, with chocolate graham cracker crust,
---Teator: a Whole Foods flourless chocolate cake with Grenache frosting
I heard, and can testify, both were excellent.

We did our usual – catching up on the news since last time.
            The major topic, of course, was the Times Union article, noting our 200 DP8 events. I think we were represented well, Steve Barnes showed good skill in melding our comments, and we have enjoyed the compliments from all directions.
            Otherwise, the usual listing of DP8 discussions has evanesced into the nether of the evening.

A last note:
A special thank you goes to Joyce and Mark for hosting the event. No matter how much we all pitch in, the nitty-gritty details still lie with the hosts and are so very much appreciated. I think we all enjoy the freedom to roam and converse with everyone, unlike the confines of a restaurant. The Notars did the heavy lifting and for that we commend the Notars’ efforts for bringing the DP8 family together once again.