Summer 2013 @ Monteverd

The Monteverd pool was the perfect antidote to another in a long stream of hazy-hot-humid-hoo-boy summer days. After we emerged wrinkled and rid of heat, we could face food!

Classic summer food:
The main course: Ken-grilled burgers and hot dogs; Deb Karnes chicken legs (no, no, not that she has chicken legs but that she prepared great chicken legs) with a jalapeno-honey-15-other-ingredients-covering delicious two-handed food.

Sides: Kriss’ homemade potato salad; macaroni salad; orange dream; a Teator tossed salad

Dessert: a Deb Karnes’ fifteen inch fruit tart with a tasty array of fruit; banana cream pie; chocolate cream pie; tarts of cherry, raspberry, apple and peach;

Appetizers: a Judy star-shaped watermelon-cheese cutouts with toothpicked blueberries; a Judy large shallow bowl of cream cheese & chicken & more dip, topped with a giant star of bread crumbs colored blue; cheese and pepperoni; a Kriss pineapple bowl of M&Ms, cashews, and orange jellied slices

Drinks ran the gamut of soda, water, wines of red and white and rose and sparkling, several choices of beer

And we sat in the setting light, then the fading light, with a cotton candy sky of pink clouds piercing the blue, and 1960s music echoing across the fields from Thunderhart a half-mile away, under the giant awning warding off the hottest of the sun, and the rumble of Blackthorn’s fireworks barely candle-glowing above the western treetops.

And the “we” was comprised of the usual DP8 contingent, along with our congenial subs: Den and Julie, Kerry and Julie, Ross and Lynda, with only Mark and Joyce occupied elsewhere in the world.

Topics of chatter and discussion and innuendo? Nameless, with only Ken’s past lives worth more than a passing mention.

Happy Summer, and thank you, Kriss and Ken, for hosting, and for the pool.