August 2004 - Monteverd
After a rather miserable stint of Summer weather (summer, did someone say summer???), our DP8 (to coin my guest editor’s lingo) were happy to have an almost perfect summer evening for swimming – at least, initially. The Monteverds are most gracious hosts (which of course, we have known all along). Then, as we have become accustomed to, the skies clouded over and the heavens opened up and it rained, and it rained, and it rained. What we thought would be a 5 minute shower lingered into a 20-30 minute downpour. For those brave enough to stay in the pool (yeah for the Debbies!), we stayed warm and wet under the cover of pool water (which, thanks to Kenny and what must have been his enormous propane bill that month) that was warmer than the rain water and the outside temperature while it was raining. The “wimps” who decided they didn’t want to get wet (hello, you were in the pool!), had the pleasure of being the first to work on Kriss’ great hors d’hoeuvres (crap – I hate that word, from now on it’s just “appetizers”. At least that I can spell). While the rain did end, it left everything outside wet and the air heavy and muggy, so it seemed the logical choice to move everything indoors, including the dining for the evening.
    The Up Side – While we all brought something to contribute to the dinner, the Monteverds went way out of their way to make this a great meal, from the steaks that came mail order to the freshly husked corn on the cob to the always attractive table setting. There was much eating, imbibing and conversation, and it was all good. We even got to catch up on the latest Olympics coverage.
    The Down Side – The rain put a little “damper” (another pun???) on our enjoyment of the pool and just being outside. But I’ve learned that, as a group, we are resilient and flexible and we can drink and eat just as easily outside as in.... , and that, as the months (and now years) go by, we appreciate each other’s friendship more and more (oh dear, I went from the down side to the good side – editor’s license you know. Anyone who thinks he/she can do a better job, I invite you to jump right in. The pay sucks but the “benefits” are great!).