The Mountain View Brasserie #16 – June 2021
A second post-Covid dinner found us at Mountain View Brasserie, a Teator pick, and the first time dining indoors at MVB since the sale last year. Ah, it feels good, a bit closer to normal, to enjoy dinner with friends as we have done since November 2002.

The MVB menu is similar to pre-Covid times. An array of American theme dishes still dominate. With the arrival of Salah (Freehold Country Inn, Mediterranean Bistro) as second chef, his expertise with Mediterranean cuisine appears in the specials. And the whole range showed in our choices:

  • combo of two apps: coconut fried shrimp special, hazelnut crusted goat cheese with greens (Deb T)
  • special Lamb Moussaka, eggplant, potato, bechamel (Don)
  • Rigatoni Bolognese, parmesan crisp (Mark)
  • Salmon, au gratin potatoes (Kriss)
  • Wiener Schnitzel, Spätzle (Deb K)
  • Shrimp Fettuccine (Chay)
  • app Crab Cake (Joyce)
  • Chicken Parm (Ken)

All were deemed very good to excellent except for the chicken parm.

Appetizers: A few of us enjoyed a starter

  • special Vegetable Gazpacho (Deb T: excellent)
  • Burrata, with roasted tomatoes, basil oil, pistachio dust (Notar share, Joyce thought an excellent presentation)
  • Caesar Salad (Monteverd share)
  • Caesar Salad (Karnes share)

Desserts attracted several of us

  • Warm chocolate cake, ice cream (Teator share)
  • Limoncello Ricotta cake (Joyce)
  • maple walnut sundae, chocolate sauce (Kriss!)


  • a few beers on tap, an IPA
  • bottle of Chardonnay – a Karnes share
  • couple sodas
  • a couple glasses of wine

            Our new guideline of separate checks probably has affected ordering bottles of wine. And Ken’s coffee was deemed up to par once again

Service by Ashley is MVB-competent, which should mean something to those of you in the know. And someone recognized Ashley as a former C-D student, whose parents we probably had in class.

            One tech change since pre-covid is the touch pad ordering system, with servers marking each person with his/her order. Thus, separate checks is easily managed. Furthermore, a checkbox of quality for me to check off, the delivery of meals is placed in front of the correct person.


Past write-ups of MVB still are apt. It is reassuring to find new ownership hewing to similar standards of Suhner and Buels.

            New owner Val (Don’s nephew) came to introduce himself and welcome us. And chef Salah came out toward evening’s end to greet and check on quality of food.

            Seating for outside dining has been enhanced. Cloth-canvas awnings now provide seating for up to a dozen people on each side of the entry door.

            Food note: a house salad is no longer included with dinner. For some, an entrée and a salad now costs more than before. And some thought entrée portions were smaller.


Separate checks: The average seemed to fall within the $90-$110 per couple, although one tab hit the $140 range.

We had started earlier at the Teator house, ostensibly to see Deb’s gardens and the tree house made from the butt of an ancient oak tree. Six of us were able to enjoy a beautiful afternoon with a drink and a plate of cheese and crackers.

            Conversations on the Teator deck or at MVB table included: pleasant weather and a return to MVB; Deb T’s gardens, of course; the tree house made from the butt of the ancient oak tree that scared the bejezus out of the Teators a couple years ago; golfing; Finger Lakes travel; comfort, or lack thereof, with socializing in the Covid transition time; libraries not open; “work” at Ravines Farm; Deb K busy with closings still; the doings of our children; grandchildren; summer outlook; the whereabouts of Tim & Judy, Lynda & Ross, Kerry & Julie, Den; a canceled cruise; the viability of Egypt in November; Salah and Denise at MVB; shortage of help at restaurants and other business; unemployment; arrival of cable to Weed Road; question of hook-up; the Adamses’ new pool as seen on Facebook; C-D retirements & parties & lack of invitation to retirees; Mark’s house-flipping, Deb T’s art class in Adirondacks, and a gob more that escapes this computer.

            ...Otherwise, we were good.

Next: Summer gathering at the Notars: Saturday, July 17; details to follow.