Mountain View Brasserie #12 – February 2018 (dt)
7.29 – 7.6, 7.5, 7.5, 7.5, 7.5, 7.2, 7, 6.5

A look at the title bar might cause a second glance - is #12 correct? Yes, it is and we are indeed fortunate to have such a gem in our backyard. Our customary winter-close-to-home, support-local favorite did it once again.

The combination of regular and specials menus allowed for old favorites and something different. This evening’s selections (online descriptions) included these regulars:

            All were excellent, made even better by the day-long anticipation of an evening visit. Potato au gratin, the starch side appreciated by all, was replaced by double vegetables—steamed haricot vert and carrot lengths—for two or three of us. MVB makes this looks so easy that we catch ourselves wondering why more establishments cannot do the same.

Two baskets of white-linened French bread pleased all. An additional and unusual bread form snuck into the basket—a thinly slice bread with a crisped layer of cheese, and this was snatched first. Two ramekins of soften butter accompanied.

The included soup or salad was upstaged by a new soup. Two chose the regular salad, two the Caesar, and four the Mediterranean Seafood Chowder—a thick stew-like, tomato-based blend of mussels, clams, white fish, and shrimp. I would put it on my list of Top Ten soups of DP8.

Dessert almost passed us by but five of us caved:

            Excellent, again, was the judgment.

The drink order was initiated by Joyce with the choice of Banfi 2015 Chianti Classico, followed by the Banfi 2013 Classico Reserva, leading to an interesting comparison. A glass of white, a soda, and plenty of water, replenished often, filled out the liquid requests. As we mention each time, the low markup is noted appreciated.

Ambiance has been described enough times that those interested can go back to the website list and read earlier accounts. It is a steady hand that we continue to enjoy.

Service this winter was by Laura again, and as good again – personable, adept, pleasantly meshing. We missed Terry’s reading of the special as the new format was a written sheet of specials, a plus that outweighs the reading. Terry was absent, one of the few times we have experienced that.
            Timing this evening was the usual Bra-esque two hours, a standard for many people. However, a couple felt time dragged a little. No matter. As usual, we enjoyed our time conversing and laughing, especially the Lynda-Deb K combo. (Ken, you would have been in trouble!).  

The bill for the evening came to $110 per couple. (last year: $106)
Another enjoyable evening, with friends, over good food and drink, on a seasonable evening.

We convened at MVB, it being a group pick and close to home and better to arrive with an appetite. Topics across the table included: Deb K’s “real world” beginning to draw to a close, a few Super Bowl comments, the Olympic schedule, the absence of Terry, Joyce sitting at the head of the table (Ken, you may have competition!), the whereabouts of the Adamses and Monteverds, other snowbirds, a new car in the Adamses future, a couple of dieters (what a dilemma for DP8 nights), talk of Tuscany, a trip to Florida/south for four of the table, Deb’s paintings on the walls on our half of the restaurant, a hot tub and sauna, the layer of ice underfoot from the last storm, Ground Hog’s Day and five more weeks of winter (from the 9th), other restaurants recently visited, Justin K’s award at C-D, and more. Even though I was sitting at mid-table, one discussion went into the left ear, and another in the right ear; a couple topics must have canceled each other and goes unnoted.
            And thus we sauntered into the February darkness, having closed the joint down, and awaiting the second longest wait (seven weeks) until next DP8.