July 2005 - La Bella's Pizzeria and Restaurant
4.80 - 6, 5, 4.5, 4.5, 4 (3 absent) 

July found DP8 only “DP5” tonight as we headed over the river and through the hills for our combination “Dinner/Theatre” evening. Dinner was at “La Bella” Pizzeria and Restaurant. Sorely missed from the group were Kriss, Ken and Tim...  I believe it was Deb Teator’s first real outing since her leg ordeal, so we were happy she was up to gimping out and about.
      Dinner was scaled down from our recent adventures, La Bella being more of an upscale pizza place than some of our more recent fine dining venues. However, we all anticipated something “Italianish” for dinner all day and we were not disappointed. Appetizers consisted of chicken wings (ordered by guess who?) and salads all around. Since, of course, now more than several weeks have passed, I can not remember everyone’s meal, I will have to synopsize same.  The two Debs enjoyed Eggplant Rollatini, while Judy feasted on Chicken Parm, and all enjoyed generous portions of whatever they ordered.
      Although I can not remember all the details of dinner, I do remember the food was hot, well prepared, and generously portioned. All in all, a good meal for just a ‘pizza place’.
      No one was interested in dessert at the restaurant, especially since it appeared there would be time before the show to stop at Dairy Queen for ice cream.
      Now, there was no food consumed at the show, so technically I am going beyond the scope of the traditional dinner review, but I honestly believe I would be horribly remiss if I were not to comment on La Cage Aux Folles.  MacHayden Theatre in Chatham is always a great theatre in which to see a show, since all the seats have a bird’s eye view. Before I go any further, I should mention that Ned and Deb Stiefel joined us at the show to utilize 2 of the 3 tickets from our missing persons.
      Our seats were in the first and second row closest to the stage on the left hand side of the theatre as you come in the main entrance. Speaking of entrances, Ned had the end seat and the best view of the “women” entering the stage. It was worth the price of the ticket just to watch him and Chay. I’m not sure what Deb Stiefel and I laughed about more – the entertaining show or the look of total befuddlement (or should I say incredulosity – is this a word – anyway, I think you get the idea) on the faces of our husbands. What a fun show and well done.  I think it was enjoyed by all, even if some of the men folk left the show feeling a little confused (or scared maybe???)...